October, 2019 – Launch Interview with Charlie Sharman

Link to YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_LvyfwkaL4


September, 2019 – LinkedIn Article

‘What Is The Invisible Corner’

“In an effort to engage with my clients in a more organic or service driven way, I like to take the time to see what projects are inspiring the teams and what products are turning the most heads. For these are the projects and products that can inevitably be the difference when discussing opportunities with my candidates. Moreover it’s why I love what I do, the innovation is always exciting.”

Full article on LinkedIn – tiny.cc/dcxfdz


August 8, 2019 – LinkedIn Article

‘What Brexit Means For My Connections’

“I was just reading Double Glazing Bloggers new article on a ‘No Deal Brexit’ and with the ever looming possibility of no agreement being met come the deadline of October 31st, it gave pause for thought. The outcome of Brexit, whatever it may be, is going to provide some opportunities, but are they the type of opportunities that present themselves only when the chips are down and people are scrambling to make the best of a situation they barely understand?  This is never the right process and environment to make smart, informed decisions, so perhaps it is wise to expect some stumbling around in the dark before things really start to come together, or even get back on track.”

Full article on LinkedIn – tiny.cc/dixfdz