Framework Recruitment was founded in 2016 by David Lonergan. 

David spent the early parts of his career working for Cantifix. After leaving the organisation and spending a short period of time in recruitment, David saw how much potential was being wasted and how stagnated with poor values the industry at large had become.



The blunt honesty of the recruitment industry can leave a bitter taste in the mouth. We thought about this, and it dawned on us what the recruitment industry is missing.

Driven relentlessly by targets, focused on sales and pushing people instead of the service as the commodity – we realised that these issues stemmed from a lack of heart within the industry, so we set out to change the balance of scales and put the soul back into the service.

We wanted to make recruitment simple, something that just works, without the bloat bogging it down

Bespoke package? We've all heard that

New story, new cliches

And... Simplified?

No set packages that claim to be bespoke. We put you in control, providing exactly the service you need and want.

We won’t bog you down with cliche recruitment procedures and sales pitches – we provide what we say we will and we do it on your terms. 

A simplified process needs simplified terms. We focus more time on building relationships and trust with those we work with and less on the small-print.