Take a breath. Because for once, recruitment is easy

Let’s be honest, not enjoying engaging with recruitment agencies is… Pretty common. 

For a long time now, recruitment agencies and the businesses they serve have been caught in a tense relationship. We’d make a joke likening using recruitment agencies with going to a dodgy used cars salesman for your new company car, but we wouldn’t want to offend any dodgy used cars salesman with that comparison.

We don’t waste time with sales pitches. Our focus is simplicity, expertise in the structural glazing and facades industry and providing a service to our customers. We are the service. And therefore we do, quite simply, what you need.

We focus on building relationships based on trust,  so our business terms are simple, easy and won’t require days to review. 

At least a little curious as to what we can do for you? Our step-by-step process on the right outlines the rest.

  1. Contact us to have a chat about anything. Yes really, anything
  2. If you have a recruitment need, tell us what you want us to do and we’ll tailor our approach
  3. We’ll deliver what you asked. No charges if we don’t
  4. …and that’s it. Actually simple